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​Customer Testimoni​als

Customer of 2 years:
Adam of Chardon says: "Overall, Watson's has the look, feel and wonderful staff of a local business doing their best to serve the community.  The Watson's staff is always friendly and happy to assist.  They are not pushy or overbearing; letting us make a decision at our own pace.  I absoloutley refer my friends. Watson's is my first and ONLY stop for furniture because I know that I can find a great value with no hassels!"
Customer of 14 years:
Anonymous of Garrettsville: "Most of the time when you walk in you find what you are looking for. Yes, I would refer my friends, I LOVE my furniture. I was able to have my furniture on Layaway until I was ready for it, almost 5 months and YES i will visit again!"
Customer of 3 years:
Denise of Hiram says: "I really like Watson's staff and selection, I especially like the layaway option. They have friendly staff & quality furniture. YES! I will refer my friends and family to Watson's.  I always try to buy American & also to keep the smaller local businesses running.  I will definately come back!"
Customer of 2 months:
Tony of Burton says: "I came away from my first purchase at Watson's knowing there are honest, dependable people I can trust, selling good quality furniture in Geauga County.  The dog walking around the store with me made me the Happiest.  I would readily refer my friends to Watson's.  Im confident I can keep my furniture buying business in Geauga County and be very satisfied.  I will be back!!"
Customer of over 20 years:
Anonymous of Burton says: "Friendly & great service. I would refer friends, they have good service with Extra service!"
Customer of 15 year:
Anonymous of West Farmington says: "I am happy with my furniture and the service and selection was very good and the salespeople were very helpful and friendly.  I would refer my friends to Watson's. Quality and service are the key and I am very satisfied with both. I will be in again when I need furniture!"
Customer of 1 year:
Maureen of Middlefield says: "Wonderful staff and helpful. Felt like I was working with old friends. The care taken by staff was as if I was a most valued family member, could not ask for anything better. Will definately come back!"
Customer of 22 years:
Anonymous of Chardon says: "Quality affordable furniture. I always find things I like at prices I can afford. I would defiantely refer friends to Watsons 87 Furniture! The employees are friendly and helpful. Ive purchased coffee tables,sofa tables,end tables,beds,dining table & chairs and most recently mattresses.The woman who helped me make a choice on the mattress was very kind and knowledgeable.Im happy to be able to find what I want in Geauga County. I can always find exactly what I want and the prices are great.I will definately be back its a great experience to shop at Watsons 87 Furniture!"
Customer of 22 years:
Wendy of Burton says: "Watson's is awesome-the staff are so personable and helpful..NOT pushy. Each time Ive gotten furniture from Watson's it has been a good experience. The quality is great and we love our house furnished from Watson's. I have reffered family and friends and they have purchased furniture as well. The greatest benefit is the staff. They go over and beyond. Also I know I am getting quality pieces each time I purchase something. YES-I will be back!"
Customer of 13 years:
Donna of Chardon says: "Just love your store, I think it is wonderful! Your staff made me the happiest, she helped me so much and spent so much time with me.Yes I would definately tell my friends to go to your store. The most important benefits to me are knowing that if something breaks or something is wrong, you will ALWAYS take care of the problem.I will always come back again and again!"
New Customer:
Joe of Middlefield says: "Nice selection of furniture,friendly,courteous,very helpful and patient as we triedto choose fabric. Receiving my new sofa was the happiest part of my experience! Watson's helped me move other sofas to the basement, most helpful as we are senior citizens. Yes! We will definately refer our friends. A very comfortable sofa by England was our purchase and the customer service was great and they were very knowledgeable."
Customer of couple months:
Anonymous Middlefield says: "I was treated very well!! You had what I couldn't find anywhere else. Bedroom suite in dark wood and it was on clearance too!! You took back the headboard that I didn't like after I got it home & refunded my money! I will definately be back."
Customer of 6 years
Carl of Middlefield says: Very "Homey", low pressure, don't mind if your just stopping in to look around. Not to mention great price & value.  Personalised service, good selection always have something in stock that we really like.  Fast delivery & quality furnitur! We refer ALL our friends. Staff is always friendly and helpful, we have always had a good feeling about everything we purchase here. We will continue to shop at Watson's!
Customer of 15years
Anonymous of Burton says: "Very friendly,laid back atmosphere,no high pressure sales and a nice shopping experience.  Very Helpful staff.  Local, easy to get to...definately will visit again!"
Customer of 2 years
Lisa of Huntsburg says: "We've been very pleased with our purchases and service. We've been most please with the customer service and we refer many of our friends.  Benefits of buying at Watson's is location, great delivery service and the desire to help customers find what they are looking for!"
Customer of 6 years
Anonymous of Middlefield says: "Every time I go in there the customer service is GREAT,service is great delivery teams are willing to do whatever you ask. THey ALWAYS put the customer first. I would refer anyone to Watson's Furniture. From start to finish it was a smooth delivery and guys were right on time. Good quality furntiure,didnt waste time on delivery,sales people ar egreat. "Thanks for EVERYTHING Watson's staff"!!
Customer of 2 months
Robert of Windsor says: "Trusted the person that helped me enough to put together the furniture I purchasedwithout actually seeing what the finished product looked like. Haven't had alot of experience with the store to make a valued opinion. Haven't seen my furniture yet, so I do not have an answer regarding important benefits other than I am trusting the stores professional experience!"
Customer of 6 years
Dave of Orwell says: "I have friends there,good service and it's locally owned. Price and service are the best part of the experience. Yes I do refer friends and family to Watson's. Keep up the good work!"
Customer of 4 years
Anonymous customer of Warren says: "We enjoyed the curtious help finding the furniture we needed after our house fire.  We were happiest to find the style of furniture we wanted.  We had been to many stores! Finding the layway and holding it for us was great! Our furniture is beautiful and we have already talked to many of our friends and family about the store.  Watson's will take the time to get you the fabric and color you like.  If they dont have it in the store they have books and pictures to show you. If I need more furniture...I'll look there first!!"
Customer of 2 years
Anonymous customer of Concord says: " I have been very pleased with the helpfulness & courtesy that I have been shown.  My husband and I purchased a pub table for our son 2-3 years ago & was impressed with the service & the table.  Yes, we would refer you!  What a great experience, you exceeded our expectations!"
Customer of 8 years
Tiffany of Middlefield says: "Very happy with their customer service, personable-NEVER pushy. Convienient location and quality furniture these are also reasons why I WOULD refer them to friends and family.  The ever present financing options have been very important to us and most recently their willingness to assemble a youth bedroom set in a very kind and professional manner!"
Customer of 1 year
Janice of Hiram says: "Very positive;good prices;good service and friendly. I have already recommended them to friends and family.  Quick service and most comfortable couch.  Very pleased with our purchases. I have been back since and WILL be back again!"
Customer of  over 20 years
Nedra of Middlefield says: "Im glad we have you here in Middlefield, cause alot like me like to do local shopping.  When you said my order would be around 6 weeks before delivery of my couch and chair it was on time and delivery was good. I will definately tell my friends (already have).  Service was good and helpful! I will come back when I need something-I appreciated the extra mile to order what i wanted-my last living room set lasted 20 years.  Good for you! (and me) Thanks
Customer of 1 year
James from West Farmington says: "Very satisfied.  Knowledgeable people and friendly.  Saved money and met new people who seemed interested in their customers! I will be back!"
Customer of almos 1 year
Case of Middlefield says: "It was a very comfortable and enjoyable shopping experince.  There wasn't any pressure and the store had plenty of optionsas far as products is concerned.  Finding what I was looking for was not complicated.  The sales associate was very knowledgeacle about the inventory and products.  The staff were very helpful and I WILL be visiting again soon!"
Customer of 5 years
James of Garrettsville says: "Very good,nice helping staff.  They are really good folks to do business with.  The products we have purchased are fantastic, excellent quality, things that really last a long time.  I would refer anyone there.  I like that they are a local business.  They have quality products, they deliver and they are very nice people to deal with!"
Customer of 25 years
Anonymous of Windsor says: "good to deal with.  They made sure I got EXACTLY what I wanted and when I wanted it.  They searched for the product I wanted and delivered on time!"
Customer of 25 years
Marian of Newbury says: "We love to shop there.  Everyone is so helpful and curtious. We have all enjoyed their prompt deliveries and great follow ups if a repair is needed.  I have & will refer folks to your store! The most important are the Watson's family and their employees! They remember everyone over the years and are ALWAYS able to help!"
Customer of 20+ years
Paulette of Windsor says: "It's nice to have a place to buy furniture in Middlefield. With a large selection of furniture to choose from. When the parts for the bed came in, the gentelman that brought them helped take out the box springs.  My husband had surgery and could not lift anything. Watson's staff was very nice to wrok with & followed through with their promises.  YES...I will visit again!"
Jim of Middlefield says: "Overall feeling about service was Good! Quality merchandise.  Like to buy local and will definately buy again!"
Customer of 1 year
Shannon of Mentor says: "My feeling is very satisfied witht he customer service I received and the kindness with service at the store AND at my home by the delivery staff. Yes I will refer my friends to Watson's because the all around atmosphere was wonderful. The furniture was displayed very well, the customer servcie was not overwhelming and my questions were answered knowledgeably.  I feel I received well built furniture at a decent price.  It was also kept up to date with the movement of my furniture and when it would be delivered!"
Customer of 2 years
Laurie of Burton says: " Everyone is extremely nice and very helpful.  The staff were more than happy to help me find everything I needed to get my house redone and ready before my husband came back from Iraq. They worked hard to get what I needed in the little time we had-YES I will refer my friends. I think it benefits everyone to buy locally, it aslo is very easy and convienient. I will definately shop there again."
Customer of 3 years
Ron of Burton says: "Watson's provides exceptional service. I felt the staff was very knowledgeable and sincere. When we were looking for our bedroom set the employees went above and beyond to find the perfect match for our tastes. We feel the furniture we purchased is high quality and very affordable. We were thrilled to find a local place to offer this to us. We will definately consider Watson's first ehen we are ready to make our next purchase!"
Customer of 4 years
Michael of Chesterland says: "The selection is fabulous and the service is even better. The store is set up in a no nonsense easy to shop in manner. Did I mention the service was good? We refer all of our friends & family to Watson's for their furniture needs. The staff is very knowledgeable and the quality of your goods is very high. Again, the service and attention to detail is legendary, the delivery and set up was also very professional. We absoloutley love the one-stop approach to meet our home furnishing needs!"
Customer of 17 1/2 years
Marilyn of Hiram says: "Always can find what I want or soemthing close. It's local and employees make Watson's what it is. The happiest experiences are Geri and the saleswoman with her also seeing the same delivery guys. Absoloutely do refer people to Watson's. My son,21 years old,just transacted business there and we havent had to replace mattresses bought from Watson's until finally this year. I have purchased items for my sons homes and bought a recliner there 7 years ago or so & the warranty stands at Watson's. Well,I am out of room at this time. Thanks"
Customer of 10 years
Kelly of Newbury says: I think they are a wonderful, customer oriented small family business that works very hard to please their customers. Talking to the staff and explaining the unique situation we had witha  desk and their ability to help was the best experience I have had. Of course I will tell everyone about Watson's. I am impressed witht he knowledgeable staff...keep up the good work!"
First time customer
Michael of Twinsburg says: "Warm, friendly sales staff and high quality furniture that is reasonably priced. You guys made me feel like family. Quality and service is #1!"
Customer of 13 years
Kim of Burton says: "I love Watson's and will go to NO OTHER furniture place. The 1 on 1 care you receive (to me) is the best experience and I would with NO DOUBT refer our friends! Again, the 1 on 1 care and personality of the salespeople matter the most. You are made to feel special."
Customer of 2 years
Sheila of Willoughby says: "In this day and age where most companies are just out to make money it is so wonderful to find a place of business that really wants to make the customer happy! My sales person,Shawna,was very knowledgeable, she knew how to coordinate furniture styles and fabric in order to make a room flow. I would not hesitate to refer my friends to Watson's and have already done so! It is going to be very difficult to pick out just 2 benefits in dealing with Watson's becasue there are MANY! I have found a place of business that I can deal with and know that I am getting the best product for the best price. I will DEFINATELY deal with Watson's again! Thank you!!"
Customer of 20 years
Mary of Chardon says: "Good furniture, very nice people and friendly. Great delivery and always on time. Carry the furniture in and puts it right where you want it. SIMPLE! Liked the furniture and very easy to dealings. Always buy my furniture at Watson's. They are close by, good delivery and nice people." 
Customer of 25 years
Marion of Newbury says: "We NEVER shop for furniture anywhere else! Such a  fine, family group for many years.  Recently I needed a sturdy, straight chair for my husband-he had joint surgery.  Sure enough, they had just the right one.  I have reffered numerous folks to Watson's! Their deliveries are always on time.  They honor their word on furniture in case of a flaw-it is immediately remidied.  Yes! We will shop there again-It is likea  Holiday to walk in their store!"
Customer of 2 years
Carol of Auburn Township says: "Very good furniture-good selection. The helpfulness of Shawna & others and their patience made my experience the happiest. Yes, I tell others about your store. Prompt delivery-helpfulness are the key. Yes, I will visit when I have a need!"
Customer of 6 months
Kathie of Rome says: "I love it! Great selection, wonderful sales people try to please! Took time to go over our fabric swatches, delivery guys were great also*Yes I will tell my friends*I am glad you have delivery. I will most certainely be back."
Customer of 2+ years
James of Hiram says: "Great people, outstanding furntiure and it is worth everytime I go back to update.  Shawna has outdone herself to make me come back an refer other people to Watson's. The people are the most important benefits I have gotten from Watson's and they remember what my name is when I walk through the door."
Customer of 10 years
Deborah of Burton says:"It was a GREAT experience, I shopped around and Watson's was the best. My couch was delivered early...."YES"I'd buy again. We love our new couch!"​